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This blog is dedicated to Pledis Entertainment's upcoming rookie boy group, Seventeen!

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[INFO] 17TV EPISODE 4 will be broadcasted on Saturday, August 2

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[140730] Seventeen’s Website Update

Hello. This is the Seventeen production.

We updated further notice on the ticketing for LIKE SEVENTEEN4 which begins from 7/31(Thur).

Participate in the ticketing after reading the notice below thoroughly.

[How to Reserve LIKE SEVENTEEN4 Tickets]

1) Deposit Time

- 1st Show(3 pm) : July 31(Thur) 12 pm ~ August 1(Fri) 12 am

- 2nd Show(7:30 pm) : August 12(Sat) pm ~ August 4(Mon) 12 am

2) Deposit Price : 11,000 Won

3) Deposit Account : Kookmin Bank 268801-04-157662 Account Holder : ㈜플레디스

4) Deposit Confirmation Mail

- Confirmation Period : After depost ~ 8/8(Fri) 11:59:59 pm

- Mail Address :

- Mail Title : [3 pm Show Deposit Confirmation Mail] / [7 pm Show Deposit Confirmation mail]

① Name

② Birth Date

③ Contact Information

④ Depositor/Date/Price/Time

(Write down the exact deposit name and time to the seconds!)

5) Precaution

- A person is able to reserve until 2 tickets, and your reservation is completed after depositing and sending the deposit confirmation mail.

- It is made as a rule for seats to be given in the depositing order. Depositers before or after the fixed time will be given seats starting from the back.

- 1,700 won out of each deposited price will be donated in the name of ‘LIKE SEVENTEEN’.

- Cancellation as well as refunds are not possible for personal reasons.

- Handing over as well as reselling tickets are restricted and when caught the correspondent ticket will be cancelled.

- The concert is planned to be about an hour and a half.

- The time of the concert can be altered.

- During the concert recording and video/picture taking are restricted.


The winners of the GOLDEN TICKET EVENT from the last ‘LIKE SEVENTEEN3’ CONCERT can mail the photographs of the front and back of the GOLDEN TICKETS to with their name, contact information, and the show time they want to be at until 7/31(Thur) 11 am.

- Seats in the middle of the 4th and 5th row will be given to the GOLDEN TICKET holders randomly.

- If you don’t mail in time then the tickets will lose effect so please send in before it is too late.

- If you send in photos of a forged GOLDEN TICKET, it may become difficult for you to participate in Seventeen related occasions later on.

[140729] Seventeen’s Facebook Update


Choose a ‘vocal’ song you would like to see at the LIKE SEVENTEEN 4 on August 16 (Sat).
Continuing from last week’s ‘team’ song, the vote for the ‘vocal’ songs chosen out of your uploads will begin today.
We hope that many of you will participate.

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[140729] Seventeen’s Website Update

Hello. This is the Seventeen production team.

Seventeen will be on the opening stage of the Korean wave performance sponsored by Eland, the ‘WAPOP Show’ which will last for about a month starting from August 8(Fri).

Because of Seventeen’s schedule, the airtime of ‘LAST SEVENTEEN TV’ has been changed from Friday 8 pm to Saturday 8 pm.

We ask you for your support to Seventeen who are in preparation of their new challenge for diverse stage experiences before debut. We also apologize for giving inconvenience by the change of schedule.

- Because of preperatrion of like seventeen4, Seventeen TV ep-6 is scheduled to be broadcasted prerecorded.
- EP-4 will be broadcasted live on 7/30(Wed) 8 pm.
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© kwonsoonyoungcom || do not edit/crop photo!

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